We Harvest Environmental Data

“We all have a shared responsibility to slow down the negative impact of our climate.”

Our contribution is to gather precise emissions data used to gain an overview of the source and assess where efforts should be prioritized. Our innovative approach helps to reduce the negative climate impact, improve efficiency and contribute to a sustainable future.


What we do

MONITHOR is a software and service company with an impressive track record. Our expertise spans in a wide range of areas, including open-air emissions measurements.

Sustainability Starts with Monitoring

We believe that monitoring the climate change is the key to understanding and improving our environment. Contact us to learn more about how MONITHOR can help your business or municipality achieve sustainable outcomes.

Public sector

We offer consultancy and services to help understand and address environmental challenges in our cities. We collaborate closely with municipalities and offer tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

Do you have questions about our services? Would you like to discuss your needs with our experts? We’re here to assist you. Contact us to learn more about how MONITHOR can help you achieve your environmental goals.